Healthy Treats Your Dog Can Benefit From

21 Dec

There are various brands of dog food which claim how tasty, safe and hearty their product is. Not forgetting the hype on the healthy nutrients contained in these products which your pet can benefit from. Sure thing, they can indeed be an excellent meal for your dog.

Your canine buddy can also benefit from treats you can give him time and again, aside from the regular dog food. These treats are good for when you may be training them for the potty or in doing tricks. Treats are a way to motivate your dog in following commands.

People commonly give dog biscuits as treats but there exist other types of treats which are not just fun but also nutritious and have the same effect as dog biscuits. Discussed below are various types of dog treats that are not only effective but are healthier for your canine friend;

Yoghurt is a delicious treat that all dogs like. Aside from the taste, it has probiotics that help to improve digestion for your pet and helps in fighting disease. Freeze yogurt treats by filling the tray of ice cubes and then feed your dog with the treats whenever you wish to. Visit helpful site!

Meat-based dog treats are also a good option. You can cut up salami sausages or hot dogs into small pieces and have an easy home-made treat for your dog. A healthier choice here would be looking for the organic kind that has low sodium. Raw chicken wings(frozen) do serve as a single dog treat for bigger dogs. They are good as they aid in having clean dog teeth. Other meat based treats include German shepherd mix, raw beef marrow, and leftover cooked meats.

Next is K9 Glucosamine treats. This is good especially if your dog is on a prescription of glucosamine from his vet. It's a good way to supplement your furry friend using these treas but of course, you will need to check in with the vet first for a go ahead. They taste nicer and make good training treats for your dog. To know more ideas on how to select the best dogs, visit

Another type of chicken jerky dog treats made in usa is dental chews. These are multifunctional treats. Dogs love them and they are specially made to motivate your dog's instinct of natural chewing. Dental chews help keep your canine's teeth and gums healthy and also reduce tartar. Thus you can keep your dog's dental health to point and at the same time reward them for doing something good or obeying.

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